To help the National Hospital of Sri Lanka implement its health care, economic, educational, social, cultural and human resources development programs


The council conducts all these social service activities with the assistance of various donors who help us by contributing in both cash and kind.

There are more than 25,000 patients seeking outdoor treatment from the National Hospital daily and there are around 3,000 in house patients being treated by the hospital daily. We have found that out of this large community who seek services of the National Hospital daily, around 2% of the people are extremely poor with no wealth at all. Some of these patients are transferred from rural hospitals to the National hospital and they only have the cloths they wear when they are transferred to the National hospital. We have further observed that this number is increasing and hence the service potential of the council is also increasing.

In order to cater to this increase in demand, we have to expand the activities of the council for which we need more resources.

our Objectives

The Hospital Service Council Under the Late Venerable Panwila Vipassi thero. A government approved charity located at The National Hospital of Sri lanka to help the patience in need of assistance. The Council coordinates with the administration and the medical staff of the National Hospital Sri Lanka.


How We Render Our Service

  • Arrange educational programs and medical clinics island wide 
  • Assist needy children suffering from disabilities

Our Vision

Who we are

National Hospital of Sri Lanka

To become the first Centre of Excellence towards a Healthy society 


Our Mission

Hospital Services Council

"Health is wealth. That wealth is enhanced by both the physical and mental health. Generally not much attention is paid to the aspect of mental health as much as the attention paid to the physical health. The happiness that one acquires through desire, hatred and anger developed in one’s mind, cannot be considered as real happiness. When analyzed carefully that sort of happiness tends to make one’s mind sick.
We all know that correct mental happiness helps in enhancing physical health. When one is able to help another with kindness, care and compassion as well as the sense of happiness in the mind, that brings real mental happiness. Everyone likes to lead a long healthy life. If one is able to give long life to one who has a shorter life, if one can give a healthy life to a sick person, if one can provide relief to someone who is suffering, such persons are bound to acquire health, happiness and long life. "

  • Implement healthcare, economic , educational, social and cultural services on the theme "Towards a Healthy Society"
  • Assist needy resident patients in the National Hospital or nearby hospitals and those who seek medical treatment at clinics in these hospitals.
  • Repair hospital wards and medical equipments
  • Organize welfare activities in case of accidents and other disasters